Brown Round Steak, (1/2 lb. per person) Onions (1 per person)
Salt and Pepper
2 cups water

3 or 4 Beef Bouillon Cubes Dash of Cayenne
2 shakes Worcestershire Sauce 2 Tbs. Soy Sauce

Place round onions all over bottom of frying pan. Then put meat on the onions and cover meat with more onions. Cook Slowly fro 6 hours in an electric frying pan.

~August Haas (Henrike’s Uncle)

This is a recipe which was created during World War II on the Russian front. It has been a family favorite ever since.

Email from Dad to his kids 02/10/2001
“I talked to Grandma today and mentioned that I was going to try to cook Rumpsteak for tomorrow, but that I did not have a recipe so I would try to do the best I could from memory. Grandma said that Mom had given her a recipe for it sometime, so she sent it to me in an email.”


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