Curry Wurst Sauce

1 cup catsup
1/3 c Worcestershire sauce Dash of ground mustard
1⁄2 tsp. of curry powder
Mix all ingredient s together.

~James B. Bevan

“When I was a missionary I was banished to Northeim around New Year’s of 1965. Northeim was a sleepy little town in the very Northern-most tip of our mission — up around Hannover. The town was 5,000 people and we met most of them multiple times — when you tract 500 people a day it doesn’t take very long to cover the town — go figure.

Frequently at 5:30 in the afternoon or so when we were cold and wet we would stop by the Metzgerei an Haupstrasse (the butcher shop on main street) to have a Bratwurst and some potatoe salad. That Metzger (butcher) made a curry sauce for Thuringer Kurrywurst and I watched him every time. From that experience I developed the sauce which is my best effort at duplicating his “technique”.

Actually, the Bevan Family Curry Sauce is better because it is mixed better and has that dash of mustard in it — which he didn’t use. Getting the sauce to be homogeneous in mixture improves the flavor a lot, I think. Sometimes his had streaks of red (ketchup) and brown (Worcestershire”).

Love, Dad


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